We take pride in experimentation and recipe development. Any of the following beers may be found on tap seasonally.

Resinous Rye = More Hops! This is an American style IPA featuring a hefty dose of malted rye. Loaded with Simcoe hops, this beer hits the palate with a huge dose of pineapple and grapefruit. The slick mouthfeel, and slight spiciness (provided by the rye,) balance the six generous hop additions.
OG: 1.062    ABV: 6.5%

Huge on the malt, and just as big on the hops, Redemption Red is one of our newest Mountain Sun Ales. Notes of citrus compliment the deep rich flavors of caramel malt. Intensely aromatic, this ale is dry-hopped with both American and European hops. Full bodied and aggressive yet seductively balanced; Redemption Red finishes with a medium hop bitterness and pleasant alcoholic warmth.
OG: 1.079    ABV: 8.0%

Our latest tribute to the almighty hop, this beer features a strategic blend of four different hop varieties. With six kettle additions, and two separate dry hop additions, this beer is sure to satisfy even the most die-hard hopheads. Exploding with aromas of pineapple, citrus, and pine, this beer is balanced by a huge malt backbone. In order to truly appreciate the diversity of aroma and flavor, sip slowly as you allow this ale to warm in the glass.
Hop Vivant was the Winner of the 2009 Alpha King Challenge
OG: 1.083    ABV: 9.5%

Super Kind was developed during the advent of the "gonzo-craft, double-imperial" revolution, around 2004. Since then, ridiculously strong, hoppy beers have become the norm in the progressive craft beer set. Using the simple formula of "doubling" one's flagship beer yielded an impressively complex, velvety, American-Style Barleywine.
OG: 1.095    ABV: 9.7%

Our English Barleywine-Style Ale is an example of how a simple recipe and high-quality ingredients can result in an extremely complex ale. Featuring one hop variety and only two malts, Olde Skiddy is anything but simple. Rich caramel notes and earthy, floral hops are complimented by an array of dried fruit flavors. Noticeable alcoholic warmth balances the chewy malt profile.
OG: 1.100    ABV: 10%

At Mountain Sun we are known for our excessive use of hops. Although we've created numerous recipes that push the limits of both American and British hops, we decided it was time to take our favorite continental hops and push them to the limit. The result is the Mother Lode. This Imperial Pilsner-Style Lager features four huge kettle hop additions and one massive dry hop. The result is a crisp, clean, strong lager bursting with herbal hop goodness.
OG: 1.075    ABV: 8.0%

This beer might more accurately be considered as a Braggot. That means that it is a hybrid style of mead and beer. We brew this with 20# of Orange Blossom Honey per barrel. (10# per keg!) It is quite noticeable in the finished product. In fact, International Judges have noticed it enough to give it Silver Medal in 2005 and Gold in 2006 at the International Mead Festival. Hummingbird Ale won a Bronze Medal at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival
OG: 1.080    ABV: 9.5%

This pilsner is an early American-Style Lager, which was popular in the U.S. prior to Prohibition. Because they were brewed by German Immigrants in the Mid-West, it uses traditional German hops and yeast with a touch of local influence from the addition of corn (maize). This beer is crisp, hoppy, and full of flavor. A true American original!
OG: 1.056    ABV: 5.8%

Our International-Style Pale Ale balances a light caramel malt flavor and chewy English yeast character with a spicy, herbal flavor from a special blend of hops. Because it's difficult to pinpoint the country of origin, we call it International-Style due to the use of English yeast and a blend of both German and American hop varieties.
OG: 1.048    ABV: 4.9%

Our newest addition to our selection of hoppy beers has quickly made it into the regular rotation. This American-Style India Pale Ale utilizes a strategic blend of four American hop varieties, which lend strong notes of orange, pineapple and grapefruit, and complement the light caramel flavor of the malts. It finishes dry with a medium to high bitterness level and assertive hop aroma.
OG: 1.065    ABV: 7.2%

Our traditional German Ale has a floral, spicy aroma from European hop additions. A light malt sweetness balances the hop bitterness, and a small addition of acidulated malt adds brightness to the overall character. The clean fermentation profile of the German Ale yeast allows the flavors of the malts and hops to truly shine.
OG: 1.048    ABV: 5%

This is our British-inspired version of the American Imperial IPA style. It is brewed with English malts and is dry-hopped with East Kent Golding hops to provide an aggresive English hop character. It has flavors of earthy fruit, citrus and pear balanced by an assertive English malt backbone and a crisp finish, despite the alcoholic strength.
OG: 1.070    ABV: 6.9%

This lager is light in color and body, especially considering its alcoholic strength. The Headbanger weighs in at 6.9% ABV and has a rich, but crisp malty flavor and the delicate aroma of European hop varieties. This beer is very clean and refreshing, which is a result of the yeast strain and the cold fermentation temperature.
OG: 1.070    ABV: 6.9%