The following ales reflect the brewers' love of Belgian style ales. Some of them are true to traditional Belgian styles, while others are more Americanized hybrids. All of them are indicative of the spirit of creativity and craftsmanship embodied by Belgian brewers.

This beer showcases an intense flavor profile while remaining quite drinkable at 6.2% ABV. Inspired by the great beers of Belgium, as well as the crisp, hoppy, pale ales of America, this beer is a harmonious balance of American hops and Belgian yeast, balanced by an effervescent, dry finish. Temperance won a Bronze Medal at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival
OG: 1.060    ABV: 6.2%

When talking about beer, the terms "Belgian" and "Stout" aren't often used in the same sentence. Fortunately, our brewers are not necessarily committed to following style guidelines. This beer was developed during Stout Month when our brewers couldn't give up their Belgian beer. Flavors of sweet dark fruit and chocolate give way to a subtle coffee like roast, and a crisp dry finish. This beer is best enjoyed slowly, as the complex flavors become more evident as the beer warms.
OG: 1.075    ABV: 8.2%

Onslaught was originally brewed to celebrate Mt Sun batch 3000. Combining the aggressive hop character of an American-Style Imperial IPA with the spicy and fruity flavors associated with Belgian Strong Ales, the Onslaught is truly a complex and flavorful beer. Citrusy hops immediately assault the palate giving way to fruity esters and a mild spice reminiscent of a fine Belgian Strong Ale. Despite it's hefty alcohol content, the Onslaught finishes crisp, dry, and surprisingly drinkable.
OG: 1.078    ABV: 8.5%

Bombshell Blonde was initially brewed to celebrate the second anniversary of Vine Stree Pub. A perfect beer for the warmer months, the Bombshell provides a subtle malt sweetness, balanced by notes of fruit and spice provided by the yeast. This flavorful ale finishes crisp and dry.
OG: 1.060    ABV: 6.5%

Franklin's is named for the Golden Retriever near and dear to all of us in the Mountain Sun family. This unique take on a Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale, features a sturdy dose of American and European hops. The aroma is fruity with hints of orange and spice. A generous portion of wheat and oats were used to lend a pleasant, full mouth feel, while ensuring a crisp, dry finish.
OG: 1.076    ABV: 8.3%

This is a traditional Belgian Dubble. Rich and malty flavors of dark fruit and toasty caramel are complimented by just enough hop character to balance the malt sweetness. This beer starts with an assertive malt character that gives way to a crisp, dry, finish.
OG: 1.075    ABV: 8.2%

With many of our Belgian style ales being higher in alcohol, the brewers wanted to create a beer that featured all of the intense flavor characteristics of our stronger ales, without an overwhelming alcoholic strength. With an aroma reminiscent of a fine cigar, this Belgian "session" ale features a deep, complex malt character, balanced by prominent notes of fruit and spice.
OG: 1.057    ABV: 6.1%

Our Belgian Strong Golden Ale is a complex ale that is light in color, but packs a serious punch. Strong Golden Ales are often known for their deceptive alcoholic strength, and the Champagne Lady is no exception! Never ones to stick to traditional ingredients, we added a healthy dose of Orange Blossom Honey to this beer. The result is a beer with a pleasant sweetness, notes of citrusy hops, and a subtle spice contributed by the yeast.
OG: 1.086    ABV: 10%

Our brewers cut, seeded, and shredded over 100 pounds of fresh pie pumpkins, and added them to the mash for this fall seasonal ale. The Killer Harvest is orange in color and has an aroma reminiscent of fresh pumpkin pie. A blend of six different spices are complemented by the use of a special Belgian yeast.
OG: 1.050    ABV: 4.9%

Meaning "Saison of Summer," this is our first in a series of three saisons created for Vine Street Pub's first Belgian Month. This is a Mountain Sun take on a traditional Saison. With a hazy golden color, this ale showcases the incredible complexity of a very special yeast strain. This beer hits the palate with intense notes of fruit and spice derived from fermentation. Substantial hop bitterness balances the fruity esters, as this beer finishes with a crisp, effervescence.
OG: 1.057    ABV: 6.5%

This is our second in a serious of three Saisons created for Vine Street Belgian Month. This saison is orange in color, and boasts a complimentary flavor of orange derived from the use of bitter orange peel and a blend of hop varieties. A careful blend of five different malts adds a substantial malt background for the intense notes of citrus and spice.
OG: 1.065    ABV: 7.7%

This is our version of a Super Saison. Featuring a careful blend of traditional ingredients, combined with the addition of chocolate and pink peppercorns, this unique ale pushes the boundaries of the saison style. This strong saison is deep amber in color, and boasts a complex aroma of fruity spice and rich chocolate. Despite the use of chocolate, this unique ale is not heavy on the palate, and boasts a dry spicy finish.
OG: 1.080    ABV: 8.7%

We chose the name "Number One" to commemorate our first batch of beer brewed at the new Vine St. Brewery. Our traditional Belgian-Style Tripel is brewed with Golden Naked Oats and Clear Belgian Candi Syrup and is fermented with yeast from one of the remaining Trappist breweries in Belgium. This light colored, medium-bodied strong ale has flavors of light fruit from the yeast strain and a light herbal character from the European hop varieties.
OG: 1.079    ABV: 9%

This American-Belgo Abbey Ale has an assertive American hop flavor complemented by the phenolic, spicy Belgian character specific to the Orval yeast strain. Loosely translated, Ciel Lumineux means "bright sky" in French, which is descriptive of this beer. It glows a golden color and is light- bodied with a dry, crisp finish making it a perfect summer beer.
OG: 1.060    ABV: 6%

Our traditional Belgian Saison is golden in color and light bodied due to the use of white rice in the mash. The beer is sour mashed for 24 hours to produce a dry, tart finish that balances the dominant notes of ripe fruit, bubblegum and peppery spice from the ...
OG: 1.057    ABV: 6.9%

In our American-Belgo IBA, American hop flavor complements the spice and fruit notes from the Belgian yeast. Although this beer is black in color, we've kept the roast flavors to a minimum allowing the hop and yeast flavors to dominate the profile.
OG: 1.080    ABV: 8.5%